My first love is oil painting.

When I am not working on a commission, I am painting in oils.


Thank  you for stopping by to peruse some of the work in my portfolio.  Because of my experience in stagecraft I have had the opportunity to broaden my skills as an artist and am always open to discussing projects of interest to clients — small or grandiose. My first love, however, is oil painting. When I am not working on a commission I am painting in  oils  — a long slow process that I find rewarding as well as meditative.

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~ Arlene Carvey-Kacik

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At the tender age of four I was handed an over-used stiff old brush loaded with Prussian Blue oil paint squeezed from a ratty old metal tube. It was love at first sight (and smell.)  That color is used (sometimes anonymously) in most of my paintings to acquire depth and richness.

Several mentors, a variety of courses and a myriad of excursions into various mediums later I have come back to my first love: oils.

In my oil paintings acrylics are first used to craft a distant city or land scape.  Then week after week the piece is layered with as many as seven layers of a glaze of linseed oil tinted with color. It takes one to three weeks for  each layer to dry; so each painting may take three months or more to complete.

The finished painting is then embellished with metal leaf (usually gold) and protected with a sealant.

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